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    Cricket Articles — protection

    Size Guide

    All top coaches will agree that having the correct size equipment is crucial especially for junior players.

    Bat Sizing (Using Players Height): PLEASE NOTE - BAT SIZES ARE AN APPROXIMATION ONLY Full Size /Short Handle - 1.75m & over Small Adult/Academy - 1.68m - 1.75m Harrow - 1.63m - 1.68m 6 - 1.57m - 1.63m 5 - 1.50m - 1.57m 4 - 1.44m - 1.5m 3 - 1.37m - 1.44m 2 - 1.29m - 1.37m 1 - 1.22m - 1.29m 0 - 1.10m - 1.22m 00 - Up to 1.10m Too often junior players use bats that are too big for...Read more

    Choosing the right cricket gloves!

    With so many glove options available, it can be difficult working out which gloves will suit you the best. Split Finger -

    Split finger gloves offer greater flexibility. You can bend and flex them with very little effort, which gives a greater level of feel and comfort. Most of the gloves we sell have split fingers.

    Sausage finger -

    The sausage finger style gloves offer great protection. With even padding throughout the finger they offer uniform protection across the back of your hand.

    Of course with all cricket equipment, it is essential the size selected is correct....Read more

    Batting pads - Comfort, fit & protection!

    Movement and Protection - These two elements are the key to selecting the correct pads.

    Finding a pair of pads which will allow ample movement relies heavily on choosing the correct size. Sizing up pads correctly can be done by making sure your knee cap is centered in the "knee roll". If your knee is more than an inch above or below the very centre of the knee roll we suggest you look at the next size up. Sometimes positioning the pads over or under the tongue of your shoe can adjust the knee roll height on your leg. This can...Read more