Choosing the perfect bat for you!!

Choosing your new bat can be tricky with all the different models available. One of the biggest hurdles is picking the best shape to suit your style of play. The profile or side view of the bat will give you the best indication as to which category the bat you are looking at falls into. Most of the bats we stock fall into three categories:

High Profile - These bats tend to suit the "back foot" player best. If cross bat shots are your "go to shot", then these types of bats are definitely worth looking at!!

Mid Profile - These bats tend to suit a batter with no preference to the front or back foot. Great bats for all around the ground!!

Low Profile - These bats tend to suit the "front foot" player best. If you're always looking to get on the front foot these profile bats are what you're after!!

Once you have decided the best shape or "profile" which will suit your style of play, you will need to choose what "grade" of timber you would like. In cricket circles the "grade of timber" each different model uses is a hot topic. You will find most models of bats will be available in up to five or six different "grades" or price points. However like most sports equipment it is important you pick a bat that you are comfortable with - and this is not necessarily based on price! Check out our grading information page - CLICK HERE!