Paceman Bowling Machines

Dimension sport is proud to present the PACEMAN range of bowling machines.

Because everybody likes to bat, but not everyone has the time or means to get down to their local club nets and face quality consistent bowling, Dimension Sport have produced the Paceman bowling machine range.

Suitable for home use as well as at a club level, these bowling machines provide hours of enjoyment and training to cricketers of all skill levels.


With a feeder capable of holding 12 light balls and the ability to vary bounce, pace and swing, the Paceman is your all around go-to machine. The simple controls make it easy for anyone to set up and use, and the convenient automatic ball feeder allows the individual to practise by themself when the need arises. Capable of producing speeds up to 100Km an hour, the Paceman is ideal for juniors, while seniors can still practise quite comfortably. If they want a challenge, they can move closer to the machine for a faster experience.


Able to send down deliveries at over 100KM an hour, the Paceman 245 is a more serious machine. With its heavy duty construction and and durable DC motor, the Paceman 245 is designed for Senior cricketers, and those who want to enjoy more of a challenge. Able to produce in-swinging, out-swinging and spinning deliveries, as well as a full range of short and full pitch bowling, even more advanced cricketers can improve and hone their skills against a variety of deliveries. The Paceman 245 machine is also able to handle the regulation hard balls as well as the lightweight and junior balls, to provide a more authentic feel of the ball on the bat.

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Like the different varieties of machine, Paceman have a range of different ball options to suit every machine. The Light Balls are designed for use in the Original machine, but can also be used in the Pro machine. Being lighter and softer, these balls are easier on the bat, and will generally provide more variation through the air. The Junior balls are sold in packs of 12. The Regulation balls are designed for use only in the Paceman 245 machine. These balls are designed to give the feel and performance of a normal cricket ball, while still being soft enough to not damage your bat. The Regulation balls are sold in packs of 12.



Tired of chasing balls over the fence? Worried about your windows being smashed? Paceman has you covered with its Home Ground Net. Providing a safe and secure batting environment, you can now have a net session in your own backyard. Fully enclosed on three sides with an opening at the front enabling the machine to send down delivery after delivery, without the worry of losing a ball. Sturdy and stable with a galvanised steel and UV treated mesh construction, the Home Ground Net from Dimension is the pefect addition to practice to your full potential.