Tired of having cricket gear scattered from one end of the house to the other? Tired of tripping over bats, shoes and pads? Fear no more. Our storage guide has a solution for everyone.

Upright Bags

Upright bags, like the pictured Legend Bag from Gray-Nicolls, or the Kookaburra Pro 1000 are designed with practicality in mind. Taking up less space in the changeroom or home is always a benefit, while still offering more than enough room for any and all equipment.

With a main compartment featuring ample room to hold pads, bats, Sidearms and the like, you will never have to worry about gear becoming entangled with each other, and with easy access from the top of the bag, you will never be caught out if you need your bat for a quick training run. However, organisation is also a key component of the upright bag, as you don't want your gloves buried at the bottom of your bag if you need them in a hurry!! Upright bags generally have smaller pockets at the front, or front facing zippers designed to give you fast efficient access to all your smaller equipment, such as shoes, gloves, balls, clothes and helmets.

Usually upright bags are larger in size, meaning they are designed as a senior bag, or also as a bag for a cricketer on tour.

Large Wheel Bags

Large Wheel Bags are, as the name suggests, larger bags with wheels for easy transportation.

Bags such as the pictured New Balance Club Wheelie Bag as well as other similar models, have the one larger compartment, which is the more traditional style of bag.

The larger size of these bags makes them ideal for wicketkeepers, who have extra equipment to lug around, or for those cricketers who just like having more room for their gear.

The duplex style, as seen on the pictured GM Original have two distinct storage areas, upper and lower, which are also features of bags such as the Kookaburra Pro 1500 and the smaller Kookaburra Pro 950.

Both styles are able to hold a full senior kit quite comfortably, or could also be suitable for a growing junior cricketer.

Small-Medium Wheel Bags

Not sure how much gear you have to carry? Looking for a first wheel bag? These bags are designed just for you.

The Kookaburra Pro 800 and the Gray-Nicolls Oblivion E41, both shown on the left, are just two of many styles of small to medium Wheel Bags.

These bags, whilst a little on the smaller side, will usually hold enough equipment for the everyday cricketer. Ideal for the senior cricketer who is looking to take as much equipment with them as possible, while still saving space around the club or at home, or for the junior just starting out. These bags are available at reasonable prices and have great space saving abilities, whether it be at home, in the change room, or even in the car boot.

Small Carry Bags

Do you have a junior cricketer at home who needs an easy way to store and carry their gear?

Small carry bags are the ideal junior bag. Small enough for Juniors to carry around and fit in the car boot, but also big enough to store all their equipment. These bags are ideal for juniors just starting to play as well as occasional players.