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    Product Reviews

    Gray-Nicolls Handcrafted Range - 2017

    Encapsulating the quality, performance and reputation of the leading brand in cricket, this range is beautifully handcrafted in Australia from some of the Finest English willow. The pinnacle of 160 years of bat making history and heritage. Natural finish Made in Australia Includes custom bat cover     // Read more

    The Predator is back! - Predator3 Gray-Nicolls 2017

    The Predator returns! The third generation Predator3 with it's new mid to low profile design offers a lightweight pick-up without compromising any front foot performance. This model has a semi-oval handle, huge edges, slightly rounded face, with an even bow through the blade. The Predator3 range also includes a full range of protective and soft goods - lightweight designs offering exceptional protection! Striking red cosmetics throughout add flair to this popular range! /*Read more

    Designed for the modern format - Kookaburra XLR8 new for 2017!

    Kookaburra have developed this new range with the new shorter modern format of cricket in mind. The bats are designed to offer the maximum performance for a wide range of shots. The profile features a high sweet spot, coupled with a slightly rounded face for maximum control. The new XLR8 protective range is constructed using super light weight materials and offers excellent protection! /*Read more

    Gray-Nicolls Velocity - Push the limits!

    The new Velocity range from Gray-Nicolls embodies all the latest cricket equipment developments. The Velocity bats have a unique high to mid profile - perfect for players with a strong front and back foot game! The Gray-Nicolls Velocity has a surprisingly light pick up due to it's profile, and is available in seven grades of timber - coupled with some great soft goods, this range will create new boundaries in any cricketer’s game!   /*Read more

    2017 Kookaburra Ghost range.

    By far the most popular model in 2016, the Kookaburra Ghost Range is sure to impress in 2017 - with updated cosmetics and even more features added to the range. The Mid profile design with tapered edges, maximises the sweet spot size catering for a large range of shots. Perfect for the player who has both front and back foot strength! The soft goods in this range are a more traditional construction offering superb protection - ideal for taking on the new ball! // Read more