Movement and Protection - These two elements are the key to selecting the correct cricket pads.

Finding a pair of cricket pads which will allow ample movement relies heavily on choosing the correct size. Sizing up pads correctly can be done by making sure your knee cap is centered in the "knee roll". If your knee is more than an inch above or below the very centre of the knee roll we suggest you look at the next size up. Sometimes positioning the pads over or under the tongue of your shoe can adjust the knee roll height on your leg. This can allow for around half an inch of extra movement to get the perfect fit. Our size guide will help you find the measurements for each size - but each brand can vary slightly, so if you would like our team to measure up the pads you are looking at please contact us.

There are also many different styles of cricket leg guards available with different levels of protection to choose from. Most pads are constructed using either "Cane" or "Foam", or a combination of both. Foam construction pads will normally weigh less, whilst the cane will offer excellent protection.

Put your best foot forward with confidence this summer!! For any further details please feel free to contact our helpful team.