Speed Buddy Cricket Bowling Machine

Light Ball Machine

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The Speed Buddy cricket bowling machine simulates bowling and can be used with a coach feeding the balls or alone with our automatic feeder included.

With its automatic system the Speed Buddy releases a ball every 6-8 seconds so any age or ability of cricketer can practice alone. Repeat shots or simply groove technique with the new Speed Buddy.

  • Provides bowling simulation for hours allowing you to perfect different shots and groove technique
  • Mains powered
  • Used with Feed Buddy light balls
  • Appropriate for any age or ability to repeat shots over and over again either alone or with a coach/parent
  • Comes with ball feeder so you can stack 10 balls firing out every 6-8 seconds
  • Speeds up to 85-90kph
  • 3 different speed settings (low, medium or high)
  • In swing and out swing available with adjustable controls
  • CE certified

Perfect for the garden, drive, house or cricket club! A must for every serious batsmen who loves to hit balls with or without a coach or parent.

****Can only be used with Feed Buddy light balls ensuring best performance.****

Click Here - For Feed Buddy Light Balls!

All top coaches will agree that having the correct size equipment is crucial especially for junior players.

Bat Sizing (Using Players Height):


Full Size /Short Handle - 1.75m & over

Small Adult/Academy - 1.68m - 1.75m

Harrow - 1.63m - 1.68m

6 - 1.57m - 1.63m

5 - 1.50m - 1.57m

4 - 1.44m - 1.5m

3 - 1.37m - 1.44m

2 - 1.29m - 1.37m

1 - 1.22m - 1.29m

0 - 1.10m - 1.22m

00 - Up to 1.10m

Too often junior players use bats that are too big for them. Bats that are too long prevent the bat being picked up correctly as the top of the handle gets in the way.

Gloves Sizing:


6-8 Years - XS Junior

8-10 Years - Small Junior

10-12 Years - Junior

12-14 Years - Youths

15 Years and Above - Medium or Adult

It is important that gloves have a nice snug fit. If they are too loose the palm will bunch up and cause discomfort and they will wear out prematurely. With gloves it is acceptable to allow up to 10mm (1cm) of extra room at the end of the fingers.

Pads Sizing:


Using Players Height - 

120-135cm - XS Junior

130-145cm - Small Junior

140-155cm - Junior

150-165cm - Youths

170cm + - Medium or Adult

Pads are probably the most difficult to fit correctly. There is only limited room for error, and pads need to be fitted correctly to allow for a good amount of movement - There's nothing worse than being caught short on a quick single!! Ideally your knee should be centered in the knee roll and the "top hat" should not get in the way when playing your shots - particularly front foot shots.

Helmet Sizing:

With so many different brands of helmets available, it is important to check the circumference measurements within the different brand and helmets styles. To select the correct size, measure the circumference around the cap line (where a cap would sit). Most of our listed helmets will have a cm measurement guide to follow.

Clothing Sizes Guide:

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